Optimizing Talent

Employers state their New Hires are top performers 1-out-of-3 times.

Our clients hire top performers with better than 85% success.
In too many cases 7s hire or promote 5s and 6s.

Break the pattern
and improve performance!

Character really does matter.

When your people are aligned with your business values, you gain a competitive edge!


A truism of business is that most strategic, tactical and performance problems are actually people problems.  It may surprise you to know we’ve learned most people problems are rooted in leadership problems.  (Yes, Boss.  You!)

If you know it’s time to “bite the bullet” and have Bob help you take a good look at how your leadership – or your executive team’s leadership – can be better focused, let’s talk.



Rather than hearing us expound on theories and lofty ideals, be prepared to answer questions.  Bob has learned he can be a lot more helpful asking questions and listening to your Who / What / Why and How … than by pontificating.

Give Bob a call.  Let’s start the advancement of your business!


Family Business

Working with family is great!  Working with family is horrible!  (Sometimes both are true at the same time.)

Bob can help your business move forward while managing the raw nerves which can occur in a family business.  (One of the common dynamics we address is answering the question, “Who will take over when I retire?”)

I can help.  Contact me.


Optimizing Talent

Tired of “revolving door” hiring?  Why do some teams work together so smoothly while others function like bad jokes?  When you promote someone to management how is it they seem to fall apart in the role?

Most of our clients are better than 85% successful hiring and promoting top performers.  You can be, too!  (The average employer is successful 1/3 of the time.)

Contact us and let’s get going!


Career Tutor

Our Career Tutor is a online survey to help you...

  • Learn your own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Choose a college major which is a strong fit.
  • Plan your personal career path.
  • Reset your career direction.

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Flagship Business Advisors is based in Colorado.We have clients in multiple states and provinces.We’ll gladly work with you, too.

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“You don't build a business. You build people — and the people build the business.”