As a Recruiter, Trainer & Sales Manager, I have found Bob's service very valuable in assessing specific traits and qualities of, not only candidates, but for existing staff members as well. In addition, Bob created an "ideal candidate" template based on current top perfomers' traits and qualities as a tool for modeling prospective employees; thus making the process of hiring more consistent and results driven.

T. Culwell,

We've been clients of Bob McCall's for over a dozen years. We hire people to be part of our team with his help. When we started with Bob we assessed our existing associates. He singled-out one individual and stated she would be a top performer. (At the time, she wasn't.) Today she is my Director of Sales and displays all the qualities Bob predicted years ago.

We take great pride in our Oakwood culture. Finding people who are the right cultural fit ... and job fit ... is very important to us. With Bob and his services, we have been very successful at building a dynamic and productive team.

K. White, President

Bob McCall gave me key information I needed to choose my new career path. He was very helpful and knowledgeable in taking the data from the assessment tools and applying to my situation.

M. Devany,