About Flagship

Bob McCall has been helping businesses solve problems his whole professional life. Salesman … Manager… Consultant … Business owner, all these roles have contributed to the formation of Flagship Business Advisors.

Since 1990 Bob has focused on helping employers improve performance. In Bob’s experience, the primary contributor to organizational top performance has proven to be strong and capable leadership. We can help you develop habits in your leaders.

Top performing people are the second dynamic for great success. As Zig Ziglar said, “You don’t build a business. You build people — and the people build the business.”

When your people are at the top of their games, your teams, systems and business also perform better — from the Board Room to the Stock Room. When your peoples’ abilities are a strong match to their jobs … when they are highly engaged with their work, their management and their co-workers … when their values, motivations and personalities are a solid fit with those of the organization … top performance should be the result.